How To Play Top Trumps Match

Top Trumps Match the crazy cube game is a fun Top Trumps Twist integrated within. Comes in a cool and compact plastic carry case to have fun on the go.

  • This is a typical 2 player game.
  • The set comprises of a rack/stand with slots to insert 25 cubes with 5 sides faces.
  • Cubes have a visual on each side, and there are 15 of such visuals from the theme of the game.
  • Each pack also contains 15 mini top trumps cards corresponding to each visual on cubes.
  • Suitable to be played by age 7+ and above.

Available in Licensed titles – Marvel Avengers, Disney Princess and soon to launch Candy Crush & Pokemon.

How To Play

  • Each player can see 15 different visuals on cubes on each side.
  • Both players get 2 mini Top Trumps cards to be placed face down.
  • Aim of the game is to line up 5 of the same visuals in a row (vertically, Horizontally or Diagonally)
  • Player 1 starts by pushing out a cube from top left and Player 2 will pick the cube and decide the visual he wants to create a series for.
  • Once decided, Player 2 slides and pushes out a cube from another slot placing desired visual facing them, to form a series
  • Both Players follow this until one of them manages to make a series of 5 similar visuals in a row. Whoever finishes first shouts out loud – 'MATCH!'
  • Trump – the other player opens the TT card and happens to have the visual matching with the opponent's series - If it does match, the game turns around and he's the Winner!