How To Play Top Trumps Quiz

Top Trumps QUIZ test your knowledge with 500 questions for hours of fun and hey, there's a Top Trumps twist to tease your memory cells. Comes in a Portable compact box for convenient storage.

  • Its multiple players game. Can be played between 2 players or 2 teams.
  • Each box comprises of 500 Questions on one side of the card and the other side carries the corresponding answers.
  • Very intuitive and fun game that helps enhance memory and also knowledge on various topics.
  • Suitable to be played by age 7+ and above.

Available in Licensed as well as Classic titles – Star Wars, Sports and Animals.

How To Play

Round 1: Be The First To Win 3 Pairs

  • Split into 2 teams. Shuffle and deal five card to each team. This is a game of sudden death. Both teams take it in turns to. Read question one to the other team. If one team gets the answer right and the other gets it wrong , The team that got it right win both cards (the pair), collect The cards and puts them to one side once you win three pairs, you win the round!
  • But ,if both teams get question one right, then both move onto question two on the same card. Keep going until one Team gets a question wrong and the other team gets it right.
  • If all 5 cards are used and it's still a tie (if both teams get all The answer right ) then pick a fresh card each, and carry Until there is a clear winner.
  • When one team has won three pairs, move on to Round two.

Round 2: The Twist

  • Now it's time to see if you were paying attention! Collect the Same ten cards and shuffle them again. Deal them again and Play again with the same rules, starting with question one. Can you remember what you heard only moments ago? Feel your mind twist and turn as you try and remember the Answer you just heard! First to pairs wins the GAME!